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Please find below a list of frequently asked questions we receive, if you have any others please contact us below:

  • Can charters be run out of surrounding ports such as Ulladulla Jervis Bay or Narooma?


We can run charters out of surrounding ports however as our vessel is permanently moored within Batemans Bay marina there may be additional costs associated with relocating the vessel. However if you have a full charter, we are willing to negotiate give us a call to discuss.

  • What is the minimum number of people per charter?

The minimum number on our shared  fishing and cruise charters is four (4) participants per charter, this is set to ensure our costs such as fuel, wages etc are covered. Our private charters are best suited to those

who want the boat all to themself , maybe a work group or just a bunch of friends or family and will be run with numbers anywhere from 1-8 persons

  • What's Biting? What is the best species to target this time of year?

Typically something! We spend a lot of time on the water and have extensive experience fishing the local area therefore we  know when to target certain species to maximise success rates! Call us today and we can discuss what's biting!

  • Do you consider special requests outside of your typical services?

Yes, if the vessel is available we are happy to work in with you and your requirements. Get in contact and we can make it happen!

  • I only want to book for one spot, can I be added to another charter so save booking the whole boat?

Potentially, if you are only looking to book for one or two spots please give us a call and we can see what we can do. If we have multiple people wanting only one or two spots we can package you together to run the charter. 

  • Will you bring me home if I get sick? 

Short answer, no. However if everyone on board is sick and is ready to come home we will pack up and head home. Although typically if you get sick there is a comfy bed down stairs where you can curl up into the fetal position and tough it out!

  • We are true pirates, therefore can we bring alcohol on board?

Arrrr you certainly cannn! Although cans are preferred.

  • Will I catch fish?

Well you certainly won't catch them at home! So you have more chance catching fish with us! There would be no one on board crankier than the Captain if no fish were caught!

Have you got any more questions? Call us on

0499 499 600 or fill out the below form.


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