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Take in the breathtaking views of the tollgate islands and surrounding offshore areas around the iconic Batemans Bay harbour, or enjoy a relaxing cruise up the picturesque Clyde River taking in the beautiful views of the unspoilt wilderness wonderland the Clyde has to offer. Be immersed in the natural habitat of our native animals and marine life aboard our luxury cruiser Seabee.

We also offer a sunset cruise around the tollgates harbour, marvel over the spectacular sunsets and vibrant colours while the sun goes down as you relax, your choice to BYO alcohol or enjoy a light snack or early dinner while onboard.

May - August

In May Humpback Whales begin passing by Batemans Bay on their Northern Migration coming from antarctic waters in the south.

By early August these whales have moved onto their breeding grounds up north around the equator. On the northern Migration we see a lot of breaching whales and active males showing their dominance to impress females for mating.


Tollgate islands- Clyde river scenic cruises

August - December

Mid to late August to the beginning of December the whales are now all swimming south and we start seeing mothers with their newborn calves.

They tend to spend more time on surface and swim slower (so that the calf can keep up!) although occasionally we will see some long down times. This part of the season is best for Muggings were the whales will come up close to the boat and investigate us!


July - September

From July to September we have occasional sightings of Southern Right Whales. These whales are not seen as often as Humpbacks which we see on almost every cruise.

Southern Right Whales are similar in size, but don't follow a yearly migration like the Humpback Whales. In September we also have the first whales on their way south again. A very interesting time of year with whales going both ways!



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