When it comes to chasing Pelagic fish within Australia, there are very few places that rival East Coast of NSW. We are fortunate to be located only 18nm  from the Continental Shelf that spans across the East Coast of Australia and is a highway for large Pelagic species including:

Marlin (Stripe, Black, Blue)

When: Summer


The warm water that pushes down with the Eastern Current each year brings an abundance of bait fish, and around here bait fish equals Marlin!

Once you are hooked up, you will soon realise why its consider the pinnacle of fishing!

Techniques include Lures, Live Baits, Skip Baits and Switch Baiting.


Tuna (Yellowfin, Bluefin, Albacore)

When: All Year (Depending on Species)


Nothing test out your endurance like a big Tuna, their know for going deep and staying deep.

The Bluefin run can last from Weeks to only Days! Therefore if they are on your bucket list, let us know because you will need to drop everything when they turn up!

Techniques include Lures and Cubing.


Mahi Mahi)

When: Spring, Summer

The fastest growing fish in the ocean, and one of the tastiest!

Found around floating structures and FAD's, you can actually see these fish luminated within the water.

Techniques include Lures, Live Baits, Skip Baits and Switch Baiting.


Shark (All Species)

When: All Year

Typically we don't target shark species due to the amount of berley and patients required, however it is not uncommon to hook up to sharks whilst targeting other pelagic species.


The sight of a Mako shark launching out of the water seconds after engulfing a live bait intended for a marlin will certainly get your heart racing! 


As every veteran Game Angler knows, Game Fishing is not for everyone, it involves hours and hours of patients, a roller-coaster of emotions, and a lot of deflating days! However on the day when the stars align, there's not a drug in the world that can give you the rush that Game Fishing can provide! Creating memories that last the test of time! If you are an angler that enjoys bites every 15 minutes, we suggest you stick to our reef fishing charters.



Weather you are looking to target a specific species, or just want to be amused catching fish and bringing home a fresh feed of locally caught fish, we can cater for you. With excellent reef structures and contours only minutes from the Marina, we can have you catching fish straight away. Each charter is personalised to your group to maximise the success rate of captures.


When: All Season


Pound for Pound arguably the hardest fighting fish on the East Coast, from the moment you hook up the odds of landing these species is not in your favour!


The bite can last hours or minutes with every bait being demolished, then at times they will simply shut down and won't bite at all.

Techniques include Fresh Baits, Live Baits and Jigs.




When: All Season


There is no mistaking the head thumps from a snapper! 

From the moment you hook up until they are in the net, they will have your heart in your month.

Snapper are a true trophy fish, prized for their hard fight, relative elusiveness, striking appearance and fantastic eating qualities.

Techniques include Fresh Bait, Soft Plastics and Cubing.


When: All Season

Considered one of the tastiest fish in the ocean!


If you enjoy getting consistent bites and bringing home a feed of fresh fish, a flathead session is a must and can be incorporated into your charter. 


Techniques include Fresh Bait.


Mixed Reef Species

When: All Seasons

There are literally hundreds of reef species within the Batemans Bay marine environment that are great fun to catch and are excellent table fish.


If you are wanting to bring home a feed, all fish are immaculately maintain to ensure great table quality. This includes being stored in the ice slurry and cleaned and prepared by us!